Top Five Theories of Evolution

Inner Strength and Extraordinary Performance

One click to health

30-minute in-depth massage

Customized durable metal buttons and an exclusively developed silicone case have minimized the failure rate of this product.

Super stable design and extremely quiet cool down

Stabilize your health

Do not place the instrument too close to the ground in order to help cool down and reduce noise.

Seamless thin-film buttons

A perfect fit makes it better protected.

Both the rhythm-pressure buttons and continuous-pressure buttons have been upgraded to thin-film buttons and integrated with the panel in order to reduce the rate of loss caused by the instrument leaking oil.

Long anion release

To enlighten the starting point of health

The anion buttons have been upgraded to automatically continuous anion lights. The anions keep coming so that health can continuously keep you company.

• With 360° strength for absorption and release, you can use the instrument in so many ways.

The ergonomics is accurate within every 0.1 seconds.

The mechanical calibration has been upgraded to electronic calibration. It rotates in a cycle, with 0.1 seconds per grid. You can repeatedly rotate the instrument to adjust the time.