Q: What’s breast illiteracy?

A: People who don't know words are illiteracy,who don't know breasts health care are blind of the breasts.

The Water Lotus Volunteer Home was establishedon March 3, 2011. The general manager of BIBOTING and a lifelong volunteer of the Water Lotus Volunteer Home, Miss Li Shuilian, took the healthy green "water lotus" as its symbol, to promote a global breast cancer prevention campaign and public education for females to love their breasts, based on the Chinese water lotus.

"Serve female, and serve Chinese society!" is the spirit of the Water Lotus Volunteer Home.

Where there is an idea, there is always practice, and persistence!

Beauty comes from a kind heart ;, open your heart like a blooming lotus.

Three-Leaf Representation

Wednesdays every week are allocated for breast health care.


Three times a week.


30 minutes each time

Water Drop Representation

Women are allied to water


The supreme kindness is akin to that of water


Comprehensible and inclusive

Lotus Representation

Pure love and complete trust

We believe, that traditional Chinese medication, can realize "early prevention, early detection," and that "prevention is better than treatment”!

"Spread love and care to make women healthy, beautiful, and self-confident" is the mission of the Water Lotus Volunteer Home.

The Western Pink Ribbon campaign

Advocate the prevention and treatment of breast disease

The Pink Ribbon Campaign was initiated by the Estee Lauder Group and the American magazine Self in 1992. Every October since has been the world’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness month or warning month. In 2003, the "Pink Ribbon" came to China for the first time.
"Early prevention, early detection, and early treatment" is the aim of the Pink Ribbon campaign.

But we have a better way in China!

Oriental Water Lotus Volunteer Home

Implement breast health preventive measures

We advocate

Every Wednesday for Breast Health Day,

three times a week,

thirty minutes each

Since the foundation of the Water Lotus Volunteer Home, several public lectures have been held, to call for global female breast health concepts to be put intoin action., Every Wednesday, three times a week, thirty minutes each are dedicated to complete care for women and are, committed to the mission of eliminating breast ignorance.