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A big step for small.

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To nourish the internal with the external
and to dredge the arteries and veins

The vibration frequency emits the road of health care from the inside to the outside


negative pressure

Far away from

far infrared ray


oxygen ion

Far away from

far infrared ray

Rhythmic negative pressure

Sucking 2.4
and release 0.6
negative pressure

Multipoint big planar
Synchronic movement

global patents


negative pressure

"Meridian (blood) can decide life or death, treat numerous diseases, and adjust deficiency and excess, which can not be blocked."
《The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor》

modren medecine

modren medecine

Negative pressure effect generates hemangiectasis or fracture of partial cells and lead to hemolysis, which propels partial circulation and metabolism and alter nourish status of partial texture; it helps enhance permeability of vascular wall, phagocytosis activity of hemaneba, stamina of a human body and people’s immune competence and resistance.


• Biboting Internal Negative Pressure Health Care Device can accurately control standard value ranging from 500 to 580 Torr

• Patented bump, German tailored components manufacturing and release of efficacy with unique negative pressure

• Its 20 years of research and development technology helps PUMP to reach ‘four-point balance’

Safe and Profesisonal · Properties of Structure

• 7 sets of structural patents and moulds with 37 structural screws

• Its designing for air leakage and pressure stabilization is both secured and stablized and its components assemblies are tailored in Germany and Japan. The assembly process is complicated under the supervision of professional instrument engineers

• Specially-made German “BEARING” and specially-tailored ‘German Teflon’ negative pressure film

• Bespoke ‘Taiwan durable motor’ that rotates incessantly helps with stabilized output of pump power

• Stable voltage ‘electric capacity’; ‘Taiwan eccentric gear’ takes shape

• Negative ion generator appropriately generate electric current that propels increase of availability ratio and improve oxygen content in body

Far away from far infrared ray

world’s patent

High-frequency massage

7200 rotations / minute

Far infrared

Ceramic fiber



"Meridian (blood) can decide life or death, treat numerous diseases, and adjust deficiency and excess, which can not be blocked."
《The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor》

modren medecine

By stimulating peripheral nerve, it propels blood circulation, lymphocinesia and inter-texture metabolism, coordinates functions of various textures and organs and improve metabolism level of a human body

Vital energy and blood circulation cups · Six major functions

Negative Oxygen Ion


oxygen ion

modren medecine

Negative oxygen ion helps restore contaminants in air and reduce its harm towards human body, so it is also called air vitamin. It is also a beneficial far infrared material to human body that helps propel aggregation and restoration of vitamin, reinforce and innovate physiological activity, and convert active oxygen resulting to aging to valid oxygen that can be entirely absorbed by human body.

Medical research evinces that increased oxygen content in particles with negative charge in air helps blood oxygen transportation, absorption and utilization and helps promote metabolism, improve immunity, reinforce people’s muscle capacity and adjust balance of function in a human body.

Breast Movement of BIGOTING

Breast stretching movements+ Negative oxygen ion= Positive Energy

Fresh Deep Breath of Breasts

Inject negative ion energy
Biboting“pumps up”breasts

Eight key collateral channels and seven major acupoints are found in breasts; breasts lead to female charm and fountain of health.

Ion content in the atmosphere is normally 400 to 700 ions for 1 cubic centimeter and the number rises when it’s higher from the ground. (unit: pcs/cm) Ion content in the atmosphere is normally 400 to 700 ions for 1 cubic centimeter and the number rises when it’s higher from the ground. (unit: pcs/cm)

Content of ions in air is affected by geographical terms, activity of soil radioactive substance, atmosphere (wind, rain, thunder, moisture, cloud and so on) and season, etc.

Breast Movement of BIGOTING

Skin fully absorbs negative ion

Cardiopulmonary function adjusted | Regulate internal secretion

Putting off declining period | Boost immnuity




Improve brain cortex

Fight fatigue

Helps prolong aging

Lower blood viscosity

Repair alveolar secretory function

Improved respiratory system

Sucking & export process of rhythmic negative pressure
Fresh deep breath of breasts

Negative oxygen ion x Breast skin

Elastic skin



of melanin

Experiment testifies that negative ion brings whopping influence on skin smoothness and moisture. While fully absorbing negative ions, cuticle in skin would naturally fall off as scurfs, which quickens metabolism of skin and bring smoother and fairer skin.
If skin metabolism is falling off, skin moisture drops and skin is troubled with roughness, lack of luster, wrinkle, din color and loose muscle. If skin fully absorbs negative ion, metabolism in cuticle is more active and thus skin moisture capacity is greatly enhanced and aging is postponed.

Pigmentation caused by sun exposure is caused by melanin as chromocyte on the epidermins absorbs ultraviolet ray in sunrays. Negative ion helps reinforce metabolism of melanin so that sunburned skin would be restored soon. On the contrary, lack of negative ion leads to decaying metabolism in melanin. Pigmentation in the skin leads for stain or freckle.

Far infrared

far-infrared ray

Far infrared ray Japanese
high-performance ceramic fiber

Far infrared, also called ‘light wave of life’, is an invisible light. As is tested by science, after resonance between heat effect of far infrared and human bodies, the following functions are produced:

Light wave of life

It help exclude vivotoxin of skin.

It helps propel and improve blood circulation in a human body.

It helps modulate metabolism and immunity function.

It diminishes inflammation, reduce swelling and reduce paint.

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