SuLife Botanical Essential Oil Series

Exclusive golden ratio Valuable enhanced formula

Drops of Pure Luxury

Its concentrated formula contains 33 varieties of

compound natural plantation elements.

Biboting Internal Oxidant Negative Pressure Health Care Movement

A series of courses - To forge three perfect effects by bonding with standard European essence extraction technology.

H1 Active Dredging Cream

Bonding of precious Western and Chinese energy; Forging of secrets for profound nourishment

Usage effects are best when combined with H2 compound essential oil for in-depth conditioning


King of Herbs

It is grown in the South Provence highlands at an elevation of 800- kilometers With mild properties, it is regarded as the most palliative plant and embodies the effects of restoring and moisturizing skin.

Oenothera Biennis

It is formed by abstracting essence from the root of the evening primrose. Rich in unsaturated fat acid, it helps nourish blood, dredge the liver, and adjust internal secretions in women.

Panax Ginseng

The saponion element is abstracted from the root. Its excellent antioxidant efficacy helps the skin to counter intrusion from free radicals. It is the masterwork to nourish Yin, supplement the body, and support healthy energy

Cordyceps Sinensis

It is produced in high and cold zones and snow-capped mountains. By abstracting active cordycepin elements. it helps regulate the immune system, resist the development of tumors, fight against fatigue, invigorate the lungs and kidneys, and other functions.

H2 Active Dredging Oil

Purity in natural flowers and plants; Dense permeation for various restoration functions

Mentha Arvensis

By adding zinc element and piperitol. it is extracted and purified with mint using the mint steam and distillation method. It helps balance skin secretion and helps you feel refreshed.

Jasminum Sambac

Jasmine flowers are fragrant and graceful. The amorous petals are picked up and their attar extracted. The oil contains over 100 varieties of essential elements that soften the skin and alleviate emotions and thus realize the purpose of invigorating the circulation of blood and dredging the collateral channels

Vitis Vinifera

Currently one of the most effective elements for dispelling free radicals, grape seed oil has a duel function on dry and unhealthy skin. It promotes the generation of collagen and helps prevent the aging of skin.

Helichrysum Italicum

Golden strawflower from the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea It is rich in three layers of herbal essences and helps improve skin’s brilliance It helps restore brilliant, moisturized, and light skin and emit the glamour of fair skin.

H3 Relaxing Essential Oil

Fresh green-field herbal essence; Fragrance leads to regenerationdiv>

Pinus Sylvestri

Masculine vigor plant

It stems from the pinus desiflora in Europe at an elevation of 1000 meters. It extracts and purifies natural herbal cream by distillation of its cones. It contains corticosterone nutritional elements that help improve fatigue, perk people up, and enhance maintenance and physiological functions in the skin.

Santalum Album

Sandalwood is a mysterious and rare tree variety. It is extracted from the heart of the wood and the roots,which have the highest content of oil volume. It creates a relaxing and palliative atmosphere and injects infinite vitality and moisture into the skin.

Cananga Odorata

Quality is the best by picking petals from flowers in bloom for distilling the essence. The oil extraction rate for Cananga odorata is approximately 2-3%. Their enriched element helps relieve emotions and maintains permanent charms in skin.

Citrus Aurantium Dulcis

Sweet orange is one of the rare fruits verified to have relaxing and sedative effects. Its glamorous warmth properties are rich in natural Vitamin C. which helps improve moisture and generate collagen.

H4 Renew Firming Essential Oil

Handpicked flowers and fruit for restoration; Re-pick counterweight attraction of collagen

Rosa Rugosa

Queen of Flowers

Rose petals picked from Provence Fairland in France High economically-valued attar is abstracted via distillation It is rich in vitamin C. which effectively restores and improves under-layer cells

Rosmarinus Officinalis

It is abstracted from as fine variety of European rosemary and is distilled from thes essence in its leaves. Its high-quality elements help refine and strengthen skin and defer aging. It helps contract skin pores and restore under-layer maintenance propelling action in base cells.

Citrus Limon

Salubrious lemon is a fruit with one of the highest medical values. Its pericarp is abstracted through the cold-press method, which creates mild, light, and smooth skin. It gives elasticity and brilliance to skin and helps dissolve adipose cells.

Helianthus Annuus

High-grade nutrition is abstracted by handpicking sunflowers with rich oil content. It is rich in valuable phospholipids, which helps lower fat, propel cell regeneration, modulate metabolism, and maintain long-lasting elastic skin.