TiLecover Essential Oil Series

Combined with the Internal Negative Pressure Healthcare Device

Non-intrusive Kegel exercises

To give the private parts a SPA experience

Tweeting Birds ・Fragrant Flowers

Sweet chirping of birds ・ Pleasant fragrance of flowers

You are located in a glorious fairyland with spring blossoms

Experience the aroma of Spring ・Eulogize Paean of Spring

Open the door for harmonious sex

The fountain of health to care for your Secret Garden

A quiz to indicate the preservation of your private parts.

Your private parts need a SPA experience if you click three or more of them.

Feminine Essential Oil

Care for your private parts Be a different woman

A woman’s health lays the foundation for a happy family.

The uterus and ovaries are two important organs for reproduction.

In addition to paying attention to breast health

modern women should also work on health care of gynecology,

which is also pivotally important.

Women should know how to ‘love themselves’ and elevate their self-confidence.

Be a different woman

Masculine Essential Oil

Care for male reproductive organs

Modern males are drowning under the pressure of work, social interaction, and responsibility,t

which all lead to fatigue and insomnia and thus affect their mental and physical health.

Intemperance and consumption of spicy foods also lead to health problems that can bother the reproductive organs,

even to the point of affecting their sex lives, which can totally bothers males.

Prevention comes first rather than treatment for preservation of comparatively fragile reproductive organs.

Health gives rise to men’s charms.

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